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Political Science
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PSCI 2102
Peter Atack

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Class 11PSCI2102BMarch 25 2014India22 different language groups 5000 year history of inequality between classes via caste system history of ethnic conflict lighter in the Aryan north vs the south exploiting each otherlighter skin happier and prettier they think you areoBut still been a relatively stable democracy despite these tensionsHow did they manage thisHinduism and syncretismreligions and other religions absorbing other religions into themselves absorbed Buddhism into itself religion of about 80 of the populationCaste4 major castes in India Brahmin priest warrior caste merchant caste peasant caste and lastly the unclean casteoIn order to maintain status in each caste must maintain ritual purity eat right marry right and perform the job you have been born intooThere are subsets below the caste level like scribe caste haircutter blacksmithoYou are born into it comes from your family you cant marry up only downoLots of arranged marriages and dowriesEnd up with huge reason for resentment within castesoBut why doesnt India blow upGandhiGoes back to Hinduism and makes an argumentexample and to change India from within by demanding that it follow its religion Hinduism in a way that reduces these tensionsRenames the pariah bottom caste as the blessedAlso leader of the movement for independenceLawyer who trained in London from the merchant caste but takes on religious roles went to South Africa to serve the Indian community in Africa leads a nonviolent resistance against the South African government to assist Indians with apartheid being constructed
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