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Political Science
PSCI 2102
Peter Atack

Class 10PSCI2102BMarch 18 2014MexicoPresidente DiazPresident from 1876 to 1911 one of the military generals cauldilosInstitutionalizes a liberal republicoLands freed and distributedoOpen borders economic policy to develop MexicooWanted to use science to develop MexicoEstablishes the liberal era led by clientificos advising himoElites get bread if they cooperate stick if they do notoBased on corruption and favorsCampesinos traditional indians faced with Guardia Rural former police force recruited from the banditsLey de Fugalaw of flightoCan shoot anybody if you are a member of the Guardia Rural who is deemed to be fleeing custodyLey Lerdocompanies who go out to survey those in Mexico but to pay for the rdsurveying they are allowed to claim 13 of unoccupied land so they steal all the land of the campesinos traditional IndiansoEnd up with massive concentration of land ownership into very few handsoHalf of the land ends up in 3000 familieso17 families holding 20 of the landDebt peons pretty much born into debt paying for baptism confirmation etc and by supplies from these people at high prices so you end up owing more moneyNothing in this to encourage Hacienda owner to improve conditions of the farm
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