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Political Science
PSCI 2102
Peter Atack

Class 2PSCI2102BJanuary 14 2014Modernization theory is the understanding of how you get from feudal economies to modern economies Eg supermarkets vs mass markets based on haggling Why are we looking at Rostows theoryImportant historic document Rostow found development studies central player in Kennedy administrationRostow turned to in order to prevent spread of communism in Latin AmericaoBut history of development is different in such places so policies that worked in America will not work in other countriesoProgress isnt necessarily a happy thingperhaps only in Western countriesBut his theory is relatively accurate of transition to a modern economy but he ignored some casualties along the wayStage 1 Tradition or feudal economiesSocial relations of production are the sameIf you were a serf you couldnt move had to pay rent to a lord as well as owing him labour dues owed labourMost of crops growing were to feed your family not to sell subsistence economyFeudal societyoReligion is about ensuring obediencenext worldlife is where you will receive your rewardoEg last names reflecting jobsoRichness and finery of nobility evident in their clothing all about consumption conspicuous consumptionoMarriage alliances via status family reputation very importantoAbility to display you have connectionsStage 2 Preconditions for takeoff
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