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Political Science
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PSCI 2102
Peter Atack

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Class 8PSCI2102BMarch 3 2014PopulismPeople who arise through various times in history that seem to break all the moldsHistoric Cases The CaudiloHuge period of instability in Latin America that result with figures CaudiloGreat leaders who arise come in and take over everything and change the powerLeader from outsideSanta Anna president of Mexico who kept getting thrown out of power and coming back into poweroGave a state funeral for his own legTowards a definition of Populism and NeopopulismWhat is a populist leaderPersonal and paternalistic but not necessarily charismaticIdeology tend to be personal theories not scientific or systematicoPerson vision of how the world worksHaya de laTorre and ApraBiggest political party in Peru this man was the ultimate leader party totally focused n him rather than the leader being representative of the partyMobilization and Class SupportArise in a time of crisis where institutions have faltered and failed to quell anger of classes nobody seem to restore order turn up when everything is falling apartAbility to appeal to people on a personal levelDiscourse is often antiestablishment and antielite short on substance and analysisBased on intense personal connection between people and leaderMobilization is topdownClientelism
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