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Political Science
PSCI 2102
Peter Atack

Class 5PSCI2102BFebruary 4 2014Political phaseestablishing a legitimate stateConstantly facing uprisings dissolved government and warlords ruling1945 almost all the world had been colonized except Ethiopia Thailand bits of China and AfghanistanNew governments grappling with developing a stable state Colonial legacySpanish EmpireFirst imperial powerBy 1547 Spain had a huge chunks of Europe Philippines Latin AmericaGod greed and glory are the three reasons for Spanish conquering God ReconquistaoGoing through the reconquest of Spain for the last 500 years had been fighting the Muslims on the Iberian peninsula oWarrior class created and socially conservative form of Catholicism created because of this driven by a vision of Christianity feeling like its under threatMuslims and Jews forced to leave convert or dieLead to development of Spanish Inquisition who interrogated religiouslyTorture and burning aliveNotion of using force and conquest to convertGlory HidalguiaoDont pay taxes nobles who conquered land in America to gain glory an estate and an everpresent nameoContinues during the colonial period by appointments appointments will not be paid had to support yourself but was a chance to become richGreed
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