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Class 7 – PSCI2300B – February 24, 2014 – Rousseau 2.docx

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Political Science
PSCI 2301
Peter Fitzgerald

Class 7PSCI2300BFebruary 24 2014Rousseau 2Rousseau liberal thinker who focuses more on brotherhood fraternity and unity than other liberal thinkers who are individualistic in their theories State of natureState of nature is a state of beingoSpiritual state of soul state of nature is oneness with nature organic oneness with world around youMan was simple desires were always within reach of actionsSimply alive happy to be alive no different than any other animaloDistinguished from other animals though because of our freewilloCant actualize freewill in state of natureMans fall from natural goodnessMan sees himself distinct from nature at some point recognizes he is not a treedogoAllows him to gain mastery over it and use it to his own endsoBut separation from natural is also separation from each otherStart to look at ourselves as individualsTurns into psychological desire to be better more popular than everyone else start to define who we are based on how others see usAmourpropreGives way to jealousy competition etcoThat is what drivespropels and equal and unjust form of societyoFeel good when we feel stronger than othersoWhen we see others are instruments we instrumentalize ourselves and bleed ourselves of wholenessoCriticizing liberalism in that it internalizes the war of all against all by being individualistic
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