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Class 6 – PSCI2300B – February 10, 2014 – Rousseau 1.docx

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Political Science
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Peter Fitzgerald

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Class 6PSCI2300BFebruary 10 2014Rousseau 1Dis pt 1 Natural Man1Rousseau an outside and critique of French AbsolutismSalon societyFrom Geneva small corporate town coming into France in era of domination of absolute monarchy pre French revolutionHobbesLocke trying to legitimate social change that has happened in their society Rousseau is not interested in thishes interested in picking at itoPhilosopher of the French RevolutionoSaw no nationalism patriotism sacrifice heroics in current society philosophy wants to get back to brotherhood and belongingcant do this in a society rant with political regression and competitionWants to found a social community based on brotherhood and equalityOnce you can find human nature you can erect a society2A New Science of ManHumanism anthropology origins of manSays Hobbes and Locke need a science of man to talk about state of nature must look at anthropology and the animal man what is a man before the corruptions of society3Hobbes and Locke read civilized man back into historyHobbes and Lockes mistake was that they put the men we are now and puts it back in our originsSays current man is a product of culture not nature people arent always acquisitive and aggressionmust be socialized into this behaviour4Man simple solitary and innocentselfpreservationcompassion Tribal men around the world is happy Europeans are obsessed with competition avarice and greed because of the society they have created that has put created these urges because of competitive nature in society privatized inequality and povertySimple societies have an abundance natures bounty providesHuman beings as emotional creatures before rational calculation that have compassion and feeling for each other that is natural
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