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Class 11 – PSCI2300B – March 24, 2014 – Nietzsche 1.docx

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Political Science
PSCI 2301
Peter Fitzgerald

Class 11PSCI2300BMarch 24 2014Nietzsche 1Radical HistoricismKant and Marx both discuss history as progress Nietzsche does notPolitical consequences when you try to operationalize this philosophy1Critique of liberalism from the right antiChristianbourgeoisliberal democracy Christianity has led us to a place of nihilism we need something newoIt has lost its potent force nothing but a hollow shell of himself remnants must be explosiveHeir of Hegel like Marx but not from left critique from the right oWhen Christianity becomes a universalized ideology via socialism it will produce a domination of the ordinary2Genealogyhistory as contingent no purpose of meaningInvents idea of genealogy if history is not continuous and progress it is contingentnothing but an overlapping series of random events with no meaning or purposeoIf life has no meaningpurpose what is the point Leads to nihilismGenealogyempirical study of history through looking at different cultural values that change over time tracing the lineage of ideas discourse analysisoGood and evil arent some eternal and unchanging truth3Transvaluation of valueschange through reversalclassic vs ChristianStruggle of contending values produces cultureSlave moralitydisease of European civilization cure is reversing by asserting another set of valuesChange of values4Masterslave moralityheroic action vs passive resentmentMasterslave dialectic Hegel saw Christianity as an improvement over classical valuesChristianityslave morality triumph of slaves over aristocrats
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