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Class 13 – PSCI2300B – April 7, 2014 – Review.docx

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Political Science
PSCI 2301
Peter Fitzgerald

Class 13PSCI2300BApril 7 2014ReviewSimplicity of the review only gives a guide to fundamental questionsThe Liberal Tradition and freedomequalityState of NatureSocial ContractPurposeHobbesFear of deathSovereigntyLaw and orderLockeLaw of natureLimited governmentLife liberty propertyRousseauDevelopmentRepublicCitizencivic virtueHobbesUse all of the key concepts in your essay and shortanswer questions the ones that are on the slides Leviathan sovereignty mechanical universe power natural right appetiteaversion fear of death vainglory war of all against all and commonwealthFear of violent death keeps individuals and order sovereignty is based on absolute and unlimited sovereigntyNew science of politicsmechanical worldview as opposed to Christian orderWill of sovereign determines the lawQuestion 3 AlthoughHobbes government is tyrannical and totalitarian freedom of subject is in absence of the law negative freedomReason for Hobbes is pure calculationLockeKey concepts law of nature right reason state of war property waste selfdefence limited government tyranny and right to resistanceLaw of nature is nostalgic gesture back to ideas of classical right reason and Christian moral sensibility man still has a soul man cannot alienate rights to sovereign because God made manHis state of nature is a civil society people can have social relations because they are guided by laws of nature
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