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Class 2 – PSCI2300B – January 13, 2014 – Hobbes 1.docx

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Carleton University
Political Science
PSCI 2301
Peter Fitzgerald

Class 2PSCI2300BJanuary 13 2014Hobbes 1Hobbes is the founder of modern world everyone after Hobbes tries to argue against the darkness that Hobbes writes againstMan is nothing but matter in motion No soul cosmos etc oThe mechanical world view World is a machine with human beings as a part of that natureoModern physics describes everything from particles to astrophysics Hobbes operating at the end of 200 years of religious war oNo end to moral questions or dispute and conflict over religionoCannot be resolved because it is not a matter of science and truthMechanical Universe the New Science of Politics1The Rejection of Custom and TraditionMust refound politics on the stable true foundation of modern scienceoOnly then will the violence end all religions are personal and individual nothing to do with the public sphere which is secular and based on rationalityDissects the statePeople no longer bound of listening to the past as major political change took place in England2The State of Nature as Thought Experiment3Man as desiring machine4EmpiricismSense and sensibilityNo more ideal forms or essences found in logos and language and definitionoEmpiricism or the empirical orderoutside world comes to you through sense impression which are used to build up ideas and are manipulated to create our thoughts5Reason as reckoning calculationutility Reason no longer disclosing truth of a transcendent order simply a matter of calculation
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