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Class 12 – PSCI2300B – March 31, 2014 – Nietzsche 2.docx

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Political Science
PSCI 2301
Peter Fitzgerald

Class 12PSCI2300BMarch 31 2014Nietzsche 2Essay 1 Good and evilSetting out to philosophize with a hammer undermine underbelly of our held valuesReversing good and evil using Greek philosophy to undercut Christianity Christianity leads to bourgeois morality that is suffocating Europe1History as genealogy uncovering hidden originsPage 11 Approach to historyoAll philosophers adhere to the notion that history is progress but he says that history is about struggle and random emergence hes going to uncover the hidden origins of the state philosophy and scienceoNo hidden cunning to history history of man is a bunch of frogs hopping into different swamps2The warrior and the clerical classPage 6 aphorism 6oMaster morality and emergence of Christianity as slave moralityChristianity is a regressionoNot the strong and healthy warrior class but the priestly class that will win political superiority by using cunning and values to assert themselves over the naturally beautiful and healthy warrior classTherefore they are dangerous once they assert political psychological and moral superiority they will use this to invent a culture in their own image that is weak manipulative etcFeelings of guilt and shame will make the masters submitPage 18 aphorism 6oPriests make everything more dangerousPriests with pride revenge love and lust for power turns inward on themselves form of selfdenial and selfcontrol
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