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Class 4 – PSCI2300B – January 27, 2014 – Locke 1.docx

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Political Science
PSCI 2301
Peter Fitzgerald

Class 4PSCI2300BJanuary 27 2014Locke 1John LockeOrigin and extent of government1HobbesCivil war 1640 Locke 1689 Glorious RevolutionHobbes sees man as a machine whereas Locke disagreesdoesnt want such radical break from tradition as Hobbes doesLocke trying to moderate Hobbes radical paradigm by bringing in right reason natural law and Christian conscience difference between good and evil in your heartmind Relying upon questionable metaphysics but gives a nicer form of government than Hobbes 2Critique of Hobbes but still modernReasonableStill starts with man in a state of nature modernDifference between ancients and moderns is that community comes first for the ancients and shapes you 3 critiques of Hobbes is that it is oi monstrous strips human beings of dignity moral and civil capacity oii sets up a tyranny worse than a state of nature because it is all in a central authority opposed to a scramble for power absolute and unlimitedslavelike fear people into obeying and oiii What does he mean about the state as a moral god this will produce revolution3State of Nature not a state of warnatural societyNot a war of all against all but the inconvenience of the state of natureoIts not reliable or efficientbut says that men are not in a constant state of war without governmentthere is a natural society based on mutual need for each other labour production etcPrimitive state must be surpassed to a civilized state You do this by creating a civil society based on rule of law Contract and create civil government as a product of free will like Hobbes
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