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Class 10 – PSCI2300B – March 17, 2014 – Marx 2.docx

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Political Science
PSCI 2301
Peter Fitzgerald

Class 10PSCI2300BMarch 17 2014Marx 2Revolutionary PraxisMarx working against current social order communist manifesto is a political party platformCritique of from the left coming out of the disenchantment out of the mass exploitation at ththe height of the 19 centuryPolitical manifesto for political change ideological as it tries to rally the troopsoTrying to create a revolutionary movementOld aristocratic order had found itself impoverished during industrial revolutionoOwners of great factories were allowed to join the lower houses of parliament throughout EuropeThey had taken over the apparatus of the stateoLanded property owners made deals with industrialists to take power from the crownReal political power is in the state police and military power of the bureaucracy of the stateThis is completely under the control of the propertied interests Mass democratic movement that eventually happened greatly upset the order but Marx and Nietzche were before thisoThey see the great change in economic power switching from Ancien Regime to modern capitalist bourgeois societyoMoney and utilitarian concepts prevailEconomic relations and forces of production had escaped the confines of the nation states they create but capitalism is a world historic force1Philosophy is to know the world point is to change itKant and Hegel had talked about freedomequality from the ivory tower philosophy is about knowing and studying the world we have to leave university and go out to the factory floor
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