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Political Science
PSCI 2301
Peter Fitzgerald

Class 6Aristotles Politics1Aristotle is a student of Platotrained in medicine practical and empiricalStepped out onto his own path as a student Makes a lot of corrections and has a lot of issues with PlatoTrained in medicine so his approach is much more practical and empiricallooks at them like plantsPurpose is to give practical advice to statesmen who are governing real states2Ontologyscience of what isAristotle is dealing with things as they are in this world For Plato there is the ideal world Everything goes through a temporal cycle of growth maturity and decay All things participate in this motion but we have to understand what the perfect potential is of every given thing Called essence or substance3Essence and substance Essence is the what of a thingTrees always strive for the perfect form no matter if they get hit by lightning or gnawed onHumans go through the same processThe highest form of man is in his full powerful maturity Everything else is on the road there or on the decline from 4Rationality and unity of the cosmosHumans have rational capacity to use for speech deliberation and free actionAnimals are prompted by instinct alone Human begins can resist instinct Human beings engage in purposeful actionMans rationality is a part of the rationality of the overall cosmos Natural physics of which man is imbedded in push him along this same path Can have a science of man in the same way you can have a science of biology5Man as tripartite
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