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Class 9St Augustine Christian Context1Crisis of Empiresack of Rome 410 and Augustines defence of ChristianityAugustine points to sacking of Rome to prove that the historical tradition is limited and flawed and that Christianity is bestWatches the fall of Rome in 410 by the barbarians A lot of Pagans blamed Christianity seemed like a nutty sect 2Rome Universal CityCosmopolisCicero law and Stoicism rationality of republicPagan Rome was a universal empire Wasnt just a city state Empire overreached and it collapsed but Rome was a very informed regionIt was a Cosmopoliscosmos meaning universal poliscityCan have a unity of states Aristotle says a polis has to be small have to know everyone face to face Rome and Cicero took the idea of republic and modified it into an empire Citizenship as a universal thingStoicism idea following on from Aristotles more contemplative writings about logos mind reason etc Anybody can in theory participate in intellectual discussion etcdidnt matter if you were a Spartan or Athenianyou could be a citizen of RomeBrought leaders from different areas and made them Senators for their region in Rome So theres no ethnic division 3Conversion of Constantine 310Christians persecuted sect to establish religion Goes from republic to empireConstantine actually converts in 310 300 years after Jesus diedChristians seen as heretics because they arent practicing in the civic activities of Rome or worshipping the emperor or going to the temples Idolatry to themPantheon of gods like sex and war gods is demons to Christians
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