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Political Science
PSCI 2301
Peter Fitzgerald

Exam ReviewWhat is the republic aboutThe nature of justice What type of justice do you want to bring to the table and discuss itExam is about themesPart A 612 concepts from section A 30 Identify and discuss 1 paragraph 2 or 3 distinct things and develop them Eg what is a polity what is virtue rule of law happiness providence etc All central obvious conceptsPart B Compare and contrast What is the difference between Aristotle and Plato on best regime What is Thymacius role in the Republic What is providence for Augustine in the perspective of history Sophism vs philosophy How is tyranny related to desire 46 choices Each answer is worth 10 pts 2 pages ea 40Part C Essay question Broad and openended Compare and contrast classic and Christian tradition Key theme in classics and key theme in Christians and how do they intersect Similarities and differences Education and virtue reason and faith etc 3 supporting arguments consider opposition conclude it 6 pages 30Plato and the RepublicAbout justiceThe city and the soul Does the city accurately reflect the soulHierarchy from the base to the noble Reason on topethics in the centerdesire in the bottom Reason spiritedness appetite In the city it is a class society statesmen on top guardians in middle craftsmen on the bottom Justice in the cityMinding your own business class society each person has an expertise or field with something he is good at each shares in the common good gives his due etcJustice in the soul
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