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Political Science
PSCI 2301
Peter Fitzgerald

Class 2Book 11Setting the scene and chars2Justice as tradcs paying debts obeying law keeping promises3Giving each his due4Helping friends harming enemies5Rule of stronger Domination Socrates says there is no rule of the stronger because humans are not docile and fight back Tyrants end up hanging from a rope6Common goodWe have a sense of what is good and what is badFor Socrates justice speaks to ethics character wisdom etc 7Virtue for its own sake essential to Good lifeYou want justice and virtue if you are a human being Should desire justiceBook 21Justice as DrudgeryMeans I have to hold myself back and not take what I possibly couldGreatest evil is everybody cheating and having social chaos and the other good would be everybody doing the right thing all the time justice is the middle groundGlaucon says its a duty not something I would choose for its own sake but something necessary Be the one who takes advantage one with invisible ring2Piety and reputationAdiementus is appalled by this and good standing in the community only evil people think bad thoughts like Tyranamathius Sense that gods can be bribed since you can sacrifice to them
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