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Political Science
PSCI 2301
Peter Fitzgerald

Book 11Man is by nature a social and political animal EssencereasonspeechBy nature in a community A man without a city is either a beast or a god Reason and speech being able to deliberate think engage in the good lifeActualizing our potential as human beings Engage in human elements of speech deliberation education etcMan is by nature active2The city by nature aimgood life selfsufficient and completenesshappiness3Division between public and private Household providing the good things of life Rule of authority or patriarchy Master over restIdea that there are slaves by natureslavery necessary to the good life 45Politicsauthority of statesmen over equalsPolitical DefinitionsInstitutions1City polisassociation or partnerships aiming at selfsufficiency and good life2Regime constitutionarrangement and distribution of offices Authoritative element and aim to which the association is formed3Citizensone who participants in deliberation of justice in the regime functional definition not a natal one4Political institutions division of powers Legislative branchassembly parliament congress about deliberation and decisions Executive branchofficials and administrators Ones who act and enforce Office Judicial branchthe cabinet bureaucracy judges etc Apply law All three of these branches can have demographic and oligarchic features Can relate to types of regimes
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