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Peter Fitzgerald

Class 3Book 3Foundationeducation1Founding ideal city in speechMust have justice in your city before you have it in your citizensOne must see the good in obeying the law and have them internalized rather than have them enforced by policeMust go into heartsoulmind of citizens to create the just city2Originalfeverish cityBuilds two citiesOriginal of bare necessity food shelter etcFeverish city is the city with luxury needs more than just bare necessity oWant the good life though moving to the desires can lead to excessoSo we must pull back luxury which leads to vice3Education and noble dogsNeed guardians to guard the state from internal factions and external enemies Must educate noble dogs to be allies who wont take over or stage a coup4Mixing musicgymnastics philwarriorImportant forms of education are music soft philosophical education and gymnastics hard strong warriors Its the perfect blend of both5Testing and selection produces social classesGuardians have to be selected by merit Tested and put through hardship to be best of bestElite based on meritocracy which makes it legitimate Selected based on dedication to state and not own interestHierarchydivision of social classes Top rulersstatesmen who are good at legislation deciding judging
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