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Political Science
PSCI 2301
Peter Fitzgerald

Class 8Books 341Politics is the praxis of moral and ethical virtue public activity speed and deedCourage is the middle between being timid and fearful and rash and reckless Right amount of caution and spiritedness Politics is about exercising correct judgement in order to lead a virtuous life Cant be any of these things aloneall of them are social activities 2Typology of regimesConstitutionDeviationsOneKingship TyrannyFewAristocracyOligarchyManyPolityDemocracyAll constitutions are aiming for a recognized principle of the good life and some are better than others Attempts to deal with the world as it is says every regime has its use 3Statesmanshippolitical rule between equalsruling and being ruled in turnCitizensthose who participate in ruling and being ruledRegimeArrangements and distribution of offices and authoritative elementBest regime in theoryaristocracyBest regime in practicepolityMiddle groundMany poorFew richBalance and mixing of democracy and oligarchystability and rule of law
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