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Political Science
PSCI 2301
Peter Fitzgerald

Class 5Book 6Liberated ourselves from the cave emerged from darkness into light Seen the beautiful city We have to move beyond realm of obedience and loyalty to get to this city Statestmen must have wisdom and be more than just applying what is Must think beyond the city Philosophical person moves from the real justice to the idea of justice The transcendent Beautiful city is a blueprint to be used as a standard to correct existing cities Prisoners at bottom are operating at the level of imagesOutside of the cave is thoughts conceptsreflectionsActual things as they are which is the tree illuminated by the goodPotential exam question but probably not draw parallels between the cave metaphor and the divided lineBook 7 PossibilityPhilosopher king rules applies principle to action has wisdom Has obedience of warrior class Together they are the ruling class that looks afterprotects the peoplePeople are producers money markers etc in Callipolis All of this premised on ruling class not having any selfinterest because it fully identifies with the state as its own family and property In order for Callipolis to existiPhilosophers are kingsiiPhilosophical nature uncorruptediiiCitizens have to consent and listenivCity has to be founded in a good location with a lot of resources and defendable vCity has to be selfsufficient Cant rely on allies to fulfil its needs
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