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Political Science
PSCI 2301
Peter Fitzgerald

Class 4Book 5 trying to create perfect justice in an actual city1Equality of women2The communism of women and childrenLets look what good it does before seeing if it is impossibleGuardians who defend citizens like they are their own children noted that it would be good even if it is impossible 3The rule of philosopher kingsThis type of justice can only come into being under the rule of the philosopher kings The coincidence of philosophy and political power would be very lucky and unlikely You would need to have a king who is a kingactual kingson of a king who is a philosopher as well as a listening city Chicken and egg philosophy for this however Relationship between philosophy and politics is a contradictionspuzzlePhilosophy aims at eternity politics at temporary What is the relation of theory to practice Can actual justice or perfect justice exist in the cityNo and no incredibly improbable But without justice in the city it will always be torn by faction disorder and injusticeBook 6The apology for why philosophy is not useless why does philosophy have a bad reputation in Athens1Philosophic nature is rare Person has to be steadfast and quick mix of warrior and thinker People who enjoy it are few and rare Chances of it coinciding with kingship is even less likely
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