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Political Science
PSCI 2602
Supanai Sookmark

KEY TERMS Complex Interdependence Keohane and Nyestates and their fortunes are tied together Involved 3 characteristics 1 the use of multiple channels of action between societies in interstate transgovernmental and transnational relations 2 the absence of a hierarchy of issues with changing agendas and linkages between issues prioritized and the objective of 3 bringing about a decline in the use of military force coercive power in international relations Gramscian Analysis Robert Cox expands gramscian analysis to IPE Critical Perspective Gramsci focused on the role of ideas and culture in explaining capitalist hegemony seen in terms of class domination based on consent Concept of historic bloc World Bank IMF MNCs synchronization of state power and dominant ideas guiding the economy and society consisting of dominant class the state and the intellectual Focuses on social movements as a source of resistance Bretton Woods System Created all of these international institutions to make generalized principles around the world Multilateralism collaboration among states based on generalized principles Liberalism embedded liberalism leaving agriculture out of trade IMFfixed exchange rate regime US fixed its dollar to gold World BankThe Marshall Plan Third World Development GATTReduction of trade barriers exemption for developing countries Collapse lead to US abandoning its gold convertibility commitment factors decline in economic competitiveness loss in confidence in US dollar countries became more politi
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