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Carleton University
Political Science
PSCI 2701
Simon Langlois- Bertrand

PSCI2701BClass 9Nov 12 2013last weeks slidesLatent contentMust think about the contextintention of the author when using word countIronysarcasm hard to detect with a systematic analysisDiscourse analysisDiscourse analysisexplores means with which the discourse can give legitimacy and meaning to social practices and institutionsTake the text analyze it in context who is the source of the message what is the target audience etc Most interpretivist approach we have taken so farFocus on meaning people give to someones actions Also constructivistSocial constructionwhatever concept we encounter in our day to day lives are not fixed in time and space they have context and are socially constructed oWhen something is socially constructed it isnt based on data that you have oAll choices you make are influenced by what you knowoYou are influenced by everyone and you reproduce something based on that informationThe speechact theoryoNotion that the language we use does not just describe stuffit actually produces some results creates meanings presents actionsoDifferentiation between different types of utterances oSaying things in a certain context has different meanings in other contextsTextual analysis StrengthslimitsStrengths
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