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PSCI2701B – Class 11 – Nov 26 2013.docx

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Carleton University
Political Science
PSCI 2701
Simon Langlois- Bertrand

PSCI2701BClass 11Nov 26 2013Slides from last weekInterviews Overview and terrorism exampleBuilding trust in this case is an issueEvery question you ask is a risk you are takingoPerson can become negative angry etc depending on what you askYou can try to remain neutral but the interviewee is not stupidthe interviewer clearly has some opinionsInterviews general issuesNeed a frameworklist of basic questions you want to coveroUsually broad questions that represent different aspects you want to cover but you also want the person to speak in the direction they want tooDo your best to plan for what is said in the interviewsPossible subquestionsImagining what can come upBuilding trustoHow do you get someone who is taking part in illegal activities to trust youoBeing too neutral can be a problemat some point must engage the personLanguageoBe sure the language you are using doesnt have baggageEg calling a terrorists colleagues suicide bombersInterviewer effectoPerhaps better for a young woman to interview sexual assault victims than a 60 year old manLies
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