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Political Science
PSCI 2701
Simon Langlois- Bertrand

PSCI2701BClass 5Oct 8 2013Data CollectionMove from the very abstract definition of something complex to something concrete by assigning values to the concept Look at available data and use indicators to measure conceptsAge income povertyoThese are in growing order of complexityoDefinition indicators and variables are all the same thing for age number of years since someone has been bornoFor measures on these three concepts we can go to Statistics Canada website Or World Bank etcAge for Canadians is shown through age group and sexNumber of people that belong to each income category over several yearsNeed to understand why they included some people in the documentation and not othersLow income and inequality measured on Stats Canada Need to know what the threshold is for low income because your whole study will be based on it Existing sources of dataIf you cant find data you need to use another methodsurvey focus groups interviews etc oWe use online sources to save time and resources Use crosssectional data to compare countries people provinces Compare evolution over time Institutional data sources do the work for you to compare over time and across units 1
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