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Carleton University
Political Science
PSCI 2701
Simon Langlois- Bertrand

PSCI2701BClass 3Sept 24 2013Assignment 1 Notes Citationstyle bibliography No reference style Not supposed to quote anyone except perhaps passages from the articles you are using Dont need to refer to textbook or anything else No need to reference if you quote directly from article and no need for bibliographyDoesnt have to be full essay stylecan put answers after questions Just make sure you write as complete sentences Just make it clear what question you are answeringClass Notes Combine with lecture notesHow do we knowdevelop knowledge about the social worldWhat kind of science is possibleacceptable and produces reliable resultsoOntology epistemology and methodology Used to compare theories by checking how different these areoOntology is concerned about what is textbook definition the study of what exists and the nature of what existsEg In international relations you would look at states nonstate actors NGOs transnational corporations and individuals All of these shape international relations In a theory what will I focus on States are the main force driving IR international relationsoEpistemology is how we get to know what we know How we accumulate knowledge exactly what kind of approach we can useEg importance of language If you are talking about climate change you are entering into the language of climate change Way that we talk about thingsdescribe things or how they are described will impact the way we can learn about themSeparation of facts and values be an independent observer1
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