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Political Science
PSCI 2702
Andrea Wagner

Class 10PSCI2702AMarch 19 2014Regression AnalysisThe independent variable is typically the x axis In the case of Andreas example x is the number of children and y is the number of hours worked per weekBut use why regression analysis To answer the followingIs there a relationship between the variablesHow strong is the relationshipWhat direction is the relationshipOverall it explains the change in our dependent ScattergramsX independent is horizontal and y dependent is vertical Regression line helps us predict a future value Can be used to predict how many hours per week somebody does housework given a certain valueBut the size of the sample greatly affects this predictability a small sample means lesser accuracy Regression analysis used to predict a y score based on our observations and assuming a value of the independentYabXThe formula for the simple regression line is where y is the scorewhere a is the y intercept the point where the regression line crosses the y axisoThe value of your dependent assuming the independent is 0where b isthe value of the slope regression line the amount of change produced in y by a unit change in xo It is an average valueand where X is the value of the independent variableSlope
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