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Class 5 – PSCI2702A – February 5, 2014.docx

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Political Science
PSCI 2702
Andrea Wagner

Class 5PSCI2702AFebruary 5 2014Two types of means sample mean based on observations in sample and population mean average for whole populationWe do not know population average this is why we need to estimate it with the sample meanCan calculate the mean only for an interval ratio variable But there is always a margin of error 5 usually because the sample is not always representative oBeing wrong means the interval estimate mean will not include the population averageoPerhaps the sample wasnt representative data set missing valuesWhat is hypothesis testing aboutWant to prove my research hypothesis ie reject the null hypothesisStatistical significance means you can actually generalize to the whole populationRandom chance means that a sample is not generalizable because of errors in sampling choosing only certai
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