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Lecture 2

PSYC 1001 Lecture 2: Week 2

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PSYC 1001
Shevaun Corey

201701(1719). Week 3 Defining Religion Continued Theravada Buddhism: No supreme God Deities exist, but are irrelevant Liberation through ones own effort The Buddha as an extraordinary human, not God Gods die and are reborn Gods cannot save you or help you Whats important? Following Buddhas teachings and using him as an example Buddha discovered fundamental truths and shared them with the world, found a path to liberation What do we classify as Religion? If we classify religion as believing in god, we can distinguish between religious and non religious phenomenon easily However, this definition is too narrow and can exclude some religions like Theravada Buddhism Value Bias: Avoid judgments about: o The truth or falsity of a religion o The value of a religion over another Rather we should: o Bracket our prior convictions and preferences o Keep them away from our definitionsinterpretations Confusion between Spirituality Religion: Religion is some kind of inner spiritual experience Advantages: o Relatable to most religions Problems? o Too broad o Not complex enough o Western, Protestant bias Assuming that religion is or ought to be about belief
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