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PSYC 1001
Chris Motz

Psych (Day I slept in, so did it on the following Monday) Sept 26 Reliability and validity (last class) Does our study measure what it’s supposed to be measuring? We can apply this to a questionnaire or the study in general. Reliability! Is there consistency? Are procedures consistent? Do they give us consistent results? Ex. Standardized tape measure, is the floor level, same EVERYTHING. Experimental design* Multiple groups of participants. Change things for different groups of participants Instead of one dependant and independent variables, can test LOTS of things all at once, might be several test groups and several control groups Random assignment: VERY POWERFUL. Manipulate independent variable, change dependant variable? Want a control for every other variable. There are too many individual factors influencing each individual person, so can’t control everything! Eliminate systematic bias! Test LARGE groups of participants (that one oddball gets “washed out”) People who signed up early into one condition, etc. Etc. Creates systematic bias Should flip a coin, or use random number generator to give participants a one two or three to decide which condition they’l
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