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Carleton University
PSYC 1001
Chris Motz

September 8, 2011 Intro to the study of Psych Lecture notes on site Human being/ behaviour=chaos “from the text slides” -> THINK about these questions Study guide posted What IS AND ISN’T ON EXAM Website: Web CT Read course outline Goals of the course -Understand Hum. Nat. And behaviour -Behaviour def in psych diff. Emotions/attitudes instead of just what people do. BROAD def -Intro: Theory, research/methods, and clinical practice -developing our social-scientific reasoning ability ---think like psychologists, understand the language (MUST PRACTICE: attend class!!) -Psych 1001 focus: psych as a nat. Science (what’s going on inside the brain and body, and how connects mental processes) -Mess you up. We have questions about human behaviour. Explore some answers, but develop more questions. Goal is to have more questions. Good thing. Nature of scientific process. COURSE OUTLINE Chris Motz Office: A824 Loeb Building Tues/Thurs 10:30-12:00 Also avail. By apt. Email: [email protected] (best way to contact) Will reply faster when: Identify self What course Edit ideas---no strain of consciousness Use Connect account TA’s Carina Daugherty (primary contact) [email protected] Effect singing has on well being Matthew Kelly Psych/computer science Cognitive science (study of human mind, not hum. Behaviour) Imagination---computers eventually imagine Organize study sessions Textbook Weiten, W. & McCann, D. (2010) Psych: Themes and Variations. Second Canadian Ed. Nelson Edu. Ltd. NOTE: paying attention to section headings will help to organize the material Evaluation: Midterm 1: Sat Oct 15, 9-11 am Worth 25% Multiple Choice Covers chapt 1 & 2 + lecture material Midterm 2: Sat Nov 5, 9-11 am Worth 25% Multiple choice Covers chapters 3 & 4 + lecture mat. Both are NON-CUMULATIVE. Both are multiple-choice format Locations TBA FINAL EXAM (worth 50 %) During exam period Three hours (multiple choice) 60% text book, 40% lecture (s
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