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Carleton University
PSYC 1001
Ayca Guler- Edwards

Lecture 1 th September 5 2013 Psychology is the study of the human mind and behaviour. → Nature vs nurture Nature: the impact of biology. Nurture: impact of environment. Which of them affect our psychological characteristic. Studies find that mental illnesses are inheritable and others are triggered by the environment. Social environment influences recovery as well. It is number 1 debate. We need to understand both to understand psychology. Psychological science depends on understanding both the genetic basis of human nature and the environment that shapes it. → Mind vs Body The mind and body are The mind is simply the subjective experience separate and distinct (Dualism) VS of the physical brain Descartes brought a new perspective to dualism by bringing mind and body to each other. His dualism helped open the door for a science of psychology.At the same time, Hobbes argued that spirit is a meaningless concept, only matter exists and human behaviour can be understood in term of physical processes. He was condemned to death but saved by the king. Around the same time with Descartes, English philosopher named Thomas Hobbes argued that spirit or soul is a meaningless concept. Nothing exists but matter and energy (materialism).All human behaviour
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