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Lecture 5

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Carleton University
PSYC 1001
Ayca Guler- Edwards

Lecture 5 September 19 2013 Is research error-free? NO There is always a probability that our result may not be true. This is why there are replications of studies. We are all human beings and both researchers and participants have biases , expectations and worries and can affect the results. Our expectations affect us more than we think. Placebo effect Sugar-pill. Fake drug that patient claim makes them feel better. It is in their head. Video amphetamines ** Experiment bias (We know what is suppose to happen so we act like it) The researcher might say too much and make observations that are not real because he/she has been working on the study for so long. Solution: Double-blind process.(Not knowing the condition) We want to leave a positive impression on other people. Hawthorne effect. The participant are trying to do better, work harder. Hawthorne because they were trying to look at the productivity depending on light. The experiment did
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