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Lecture 3

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Carleton University
PSYC 1001
Ayca Guler- Edwards

Lecture 3 September 12 , 2013 Everything starts with a question, research in psychology starts with curiosity. Example: What pushes a human being to kill ? What was the source of the idea? Daily experiences, recent events, interesting topic, observations, lectures, other studies. Research in Psychology Formulate a Testable Hypothesis While asking questions, scientists formulate their questions as testable statements or hypotheses. Hypotheses are predictions, tentative statements about the relationship between two or more variables. Variables are any measurable conditions, events, characteristics, or behaviours that are controlled or observed in a study. Theory is a set of interrelated ideas formed from observations. Hypothesis is derived from a theory. Psychologists construct a theory, system of interrelated ideas to explain a set of observations. Example from Bandura's study: Social Learning Theory Hyp:Children that observe or watch aggressive adult models would reproduce aggressive acts. Here, ‘watching aggressive adults’ and ‘aggressive acts’ are the variables. Bandura can control exposure to aggressive models and he can observe aggressive act of children. Select Research Method and Design the Study 2 methods of research Exper
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