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Lecture 2

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PSYC 1001
Ayca Guler- Edwards

Lecture 2 th September 10 2013 Structuralism 1879 Birthday of psychology. Wilhem Wundt. Studied mental structure. They were very important in the establishment of psych.All his student introduced psych to people. Stanley Hall, first lab in usa, launched first psych journal and american psych assoc. They studied the conscious thought, the quality and content of our thoughts and feelings, by using self-observation. Understanding what a person is feeling and sensing. They were exposing their subjects to different environment to affect their senses. Introspection. Functionalism William James, focused on the purpose of the mind. Think of the mind at the house, structuralism studied the foundation, bricks, walls and James said we should look at the function of that house instead. We see a bit of Darwin. Development of children, tried to applied psych in 1900 the real world. (studied conscious mind as well) Psychoanalysis Freud, he studied unconscious minds. He was very important. (thought that every man would realize at a point they don't have a penis) He brought 2 important things: existence of unconscious, and the unconscious conflict. We have 3 angels theory of unconsciousness is that 1910 we have 3 distinct processes. animal part (pleasure) *eat,sleep,pleasure, ego *suppresses desire, the logical mind, and superego *the angel voice on your head and guilty conscious. Conflicts can cause slips of tongues, in our dreams and extreme conflicts can cause mental illnesses. Freud was very influential. **Primage. Temperature experiment. Behaviorism They studied mental processes, they thoughts we could not study the mind. John Wats
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