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PSYC 1001 Lecture Notes - Classical Conditioning, Operant Conditioning, Reinforcement

Course Code
PSYC 1001
Ayca Guler- Edwards

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Classical Conditioning
o Conditioning also means learning
o Dog experiment:
Give food to dog after ring tone (repeated)
Dog will eventually start salivating
o Terms:
Conditional/Unconditional Stimulus
Operant Conditioning
o Pigeon experiment:
Shaping: pigeon repeats behaviour and gets rewarded
Doesn’t realize until a couple tries
Circus, etc.. are you using animals with Operant conditioning
o Primary reinforcements:
Food, sex, etc…
o Secondary reinforcements:
Attention, money etc…
o Continuous reinforcement
o Positive reinforcement
Increases the behaviour (give something)
o Negative reinforcement
Decreases the behaviour (remove something)
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