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Lecture 3

PSYC 1002 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Multiple Sex Partners, Casual Sex, Eating Disorder

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PSYC 1002
Kim O' Neil

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Psych 1002 day 3 chapter 10
Motivational theories and concepts
Eolutioar: e’re otiated eause of the eed to reprodue
Hunger and eating
All mentioned areas are located in the hypothalamus
Base parts of the brain are related to basic biological survival
Page 417 in textbook of obese rat
o Serotonin is related to eating disorders
o Insulin increases secretin, the higher the more increase in hunger
o Increase in glucose, decrease in hunger
Not all due to biological reasons
Roots of obesity
Heritability of weight correlation of identical twins is very strong and compared to fraternal, there is a
significant drop. Meaning that there is a genetic influence
Other reasons of being obese is due to their emotional problems (stress) or also possible that
the’re ot aare of oesit
Settling point: fat stores depend on other variables
Dietary restraint constantly thinking of weight, often focus to lose weight, but if they stop
thinking about it tend to completely go overboard and overeat
Eating disorder:
o Bolemia (mostly among female)
o Anorexia
o B___ eating disorder
*sex game:
females are less likely to experience orgasm, but are more likely to experience multiple orgasms
18/5 = ideal aout of e’s se parters opared to girls oer a lifetie
Sexual motivation
Anything tht enables us to have and care for children are going to affect our behavior
o Parental investment theory:
Males are going to maximize reproductive success by seeking multiple sex
partners which leads to uncommitted sex, great number of sex partners, look
for youth and attractiveness in partners (a sign of good health and fertility)
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