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Chapter 13- Stress

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PSYC 1002
Kim O�neil

nd  Mon. July 22 ­ Chapter 13: Stress • The relationship between stress and disease 1. Contagious: Contagious diseases are declining. 2. Chronic: Chronic diseases are on the rise, generally. 3. Biopsychosocial model: there are many factors influencing our health. There are biological, psychological, and social factors. 4. Health Psychology: There is an increased popularity in health psych. There are focuses on healthy lifestyles, coping responses. • Stress: Major stressors vs. Routine hassles 1. Cumulative nature of stress: routine hassles (sleeping in, forgetting your homework) can accumulate to cause more stress than major stressors (a death, divorce). Little things build up and eat away at us. 2. Cognitive Appraisals: Stress is in the eye of the beholder. What is stressful for a person is determined by how they look at the situation and how they cope. • Major Types of Stress 1. Frustration: When a goal is blocked which we are trying to achieve. 2. Conflict: Any type of choice. I. Approach-approach: choice between desirable options (pizza or pasta) II. Avoidance-avoidance: choice between two undesirable options (unemployment or a degrading job) III. Approach-avoidance: two goals each with a positive and negative aspect (ask an attractive guy out, could get rejected/ ask and ugly guy out and he will say yes) 3. Change: Having to adapt. I. Holmes/Rahe- Social readjustment: A scale to assess the amount of stress. A list of life events each with a score, total score determines stress level. The idea is any type of change can be stressful. 4. Pressure: Expectations to conform (behave a certain way). Athletes, artists, actors can experience this a lot. • The relationship between Performance and ar
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