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PSYC 1002
Kim O' Neil

PSYC 1002 January 9th, 2013 Housekeeping • Professor O’Neil’s office house are Tuesday 5:00-6:00 in SSRB 106B Her email is [email protected] • We have 2 TA’s, their information is below. • Maria [email protected] • Susan [email protected] • • Her office hours are Thursday 2:00-3:00 in LoebA520 Textbook We will be using the Third Edition, but if you have the Second Edition this is okay. • HOWEVER, any case studies in the Third Edition are fair game for the exam, so if you have the Second Edition, make sure to take good notes so you do not miss out on this information! For more information on the textbook, see the syllabus posted on CULearn. • For more information each week, there is a discussion group that everyone has access to. This • way everyone can talk about the course material and bounce ideas off each other. Psychology 1002 - The course and content There will be 2 exams (one midterm and one final exam) • Both will be multiple choice, 2 hours long, both worth 50%. • The final exam will be scheduled later on aroundApril. • • April 11-26 is the final exam period. The professor will let us know when our exam is as soon as she knows. Grade Raising Options in Psychology 1001 & 1002 All students in Psychology 1001 & 1002 have the opportunity to increase their final grade by • electing to participate in psychological research conducted by Psychology faculty, or by graduate students under the supervision of members of the Department. This option will also provide you with some first-hand experience within the field of • experimental psychology. You can increase your grade by a maximum of 4%. This is optional but recommended. If you • have extra marks that you earned in PSYC1001 last semester, they cannot be applied to this class. Another option for raising your grade is to write a synopsis of research published in a journal. • Information on these options can be found at: You can mix-and-match these two ways to get extra percent, for a maximum of 4%. • The professor will post more detailed instructions about this on CULearn soon. • Midterm and Final Exam Make sure to use the textbook to study! Use your notes as well. • • Before the midterm and the final exam, we will do a review. The final exam is not cumulative. ——————————————————Lecture—
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