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31 Mar 2012

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Chapter 15 Treatments
Who seeks treatments?
15% of population in a given year
most common presenting problem ( anxiety and depression)
long delays till treatment is sought ( women seek faster, more education about treatment faster, stigma)
about half do not have a diagnosable problem
Who provides Treatments?
Clinical and counselling psychologists
psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses
clinical social workers (usually start at schools)
Types of Treatments
Psychotherapy ( insight therapy- “talk therapy”)
Behaviour Therapy ( changing overt behaviours)
Biomedical therapy ( interventions of biological functioning)
Clinical psychologists emphasize treatment for full fledged disorders
Counselling psychologists is geared towards dealing with everyday problems
Psychiatrists - specialized is the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders
Insight Therapy - involves verbal interaction that’s intended to enhance a clients self-knowledge and promote
healthy changes in personality and behaviour
Psychoanalysis - insight therapy that emphasizes recovering unconscious conflicts, motives, defences
Free Association - clients express thoughts and feelings as they occur - least amount of censorship
Dream Analysis - therapist interprets symbolic meaning from clients dream
Interpretation - therapists attempt to explain inner significance of patients thoughts, feelings, memories and
Resistance - largely unconscious defensive manoeuvres intended to hinder the progress of therapy
Transference - occurs when clients unconsciously start relating to their therapists in a way that reflects their
own critical relationships, they lash out on the therapist as a scapegoat
Client-centred therapy - an insight therapy that emphasizes providing a supportive emotional climate for
clients, who play a major role in determining the pace and direction of their therapy
supportive emotional climate , clients set the pace and direction
genuineness : honest and spontaneous
unconditioned positive regard : no judgement
empathy : understand clients perspectives
Positive psychotherapy - is mainly used in treating depression
Group Therapy - treatment of several people in a group. build a support network where people can share
their experiences and learn from one another
Spontaneous remission - recovering from a disorder that occurs without formal treatment
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