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Chapter 11: Human Development (4) & Chapter 12: Personality (1)

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Carleton University
PSYC 1002
Lorena Ruci

Lecture 10 Human DevelopmentAdolescence The Searches for IdentityErik Erikson key challenge is to form a sense of identity o Personality develops when they try to form sense of identity o Whether you overcome crisis or not forms identityJames Garcia o Crisis vs commitment o Personality develops by a way they solve a psychosocial crisis o When people commit to something or postpone forms a type of identity o Four identity statuses progression in agency o Foreclosure committing to goals of others not exploring your own goalsPersons ability to deal with goalsaspirations by adopting someone elses wont see themselves as active agent of their lives but will listen to parents etc who are higher than them o Moratorium delay decision making not sure experimentLike a lot of things in exploration stage but not ready to commit to pursuing anything like college or universityDelay making crucial decisions about lives and want to expose themselves to more experiences they might like o Identity Diffusion absence of struggle to form identityWorst stage because its characterized by apathy and lack of agency dont know what they want have no crystal clearspecific goals to pursue lazyConfused not really struggling just like being in present state and wont make any decisions about themselves not ready to adopt anyone elses goals o Identity Achievement sense of self and directionHealthiest stage to be in aware of what they like and dont like sense of confidence is pursuing goals successfullyCharacterized by clear direction fairly high level of selfesteem committed to pursuing goalsWhen looking at success in life not just schoolwork but relationships too they have a high level of intimacy have a lot of friends etc o All these achievements stem from the fact because they have identity achievementThe Expanse of AdulthoodPersonality development o Changing or stable o Personality tends to be mostly stable over time o Someone with predisposition will most likely have same type of predisposition when older o What changes are life circumstances people deal with not personalitySocial development and family life
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