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Chapter 15: Treatment of Psychological Disorders (1)

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PSYC 1002
Lorena Ruci

Lecture 17: Chapter 15: Treatment of Psychological Disorders Types of Treatment: Psychotherapy  400 types; each major type is tailored to a specific disorder it’s intended to treat  Insight therapies, e.g. talk therapy (verbal interaction between client and therapist) o Goal: increased insight of issues, and elucidate the interpretation, e.g. marital therapy  Behaviour therapies o Changing overt behaviour o Based on principles of learning (conditioning), role playing, or observation o E.g. phobias, substance abuse  Biomedical therapies o Biological functioning interventions o E.g. drug therapy, electroconvulsive therapy Who Seeks Treatment?  15% of US population in a given year  Most common presenting problems are anxiety and mood disorders, specifically depression  Long delays until treatment is sought o 6-10 years from illness onset  Half of those who seek mental health services don’t have a diagnosable problem o Symptoms aren’t severe enough in order to give a clinical diagnosis o Not everyone who seeks treatment has mental problems; could be seeking help for relationship problems, etc.  People delay in seeking treatment for mental disorders because of the stigma: ignorance about mental disorders  Prevalence of mental disorders in Canada o 1 in 5 Canadians will experience a mental illness (severe like bipolar, one instance like a panic attack) in their lifetime o The other 4 know someone who will be diagnosed with a mental disorder o Those diagnosed will also have a substance abuse problem (20% Comorbid with mental disorders) o Schizophrenia affects 1% of the population, major depression affects 8% of the population, and anxiety disorders affect 12% of the population o Most problems occur in early childhood; early onset o Ages 15-24 are more likely to report mental illness/substance disorders o Men are 2.6 times more likely than women to meet criteria for substance dependence, and women are 1.5 times more likely to meet criteria for an anxiety/mood disorder o Only 1/3 of those who need mental health services in Canada receive them o 71% of family physicians, shortage of psychiatrists in Ontario o Metal illness is the second leading cause of premature death and human disability o Half a million Canadians are unable to perform/attend work because of a mental illness o In Ontario, the cost of mental illness is 34 billion per year o By 2020, depression will be the single biggest medical burden on the world economy Who Provides Treatment?  Clinical psychologists o Full fledged disorders o Can treat the majority of mental disorders, (bipolar, MD, schizophrenia, etc.) o Can prescribe medication (license) o Difference between this and psychiatrist: psychiatrist is a medical doctor, and uses medical model to treat, whereas clinical psychologists rely heavily on psychological testing and treatment  Counselling psychologists o Milder adjustment disorders  Psychiatrists o Medical doctors, prescribe medication o Prescribe medication, must attend medical school  Clinical social workers o Provide variety of therapeutic services o Can help with coping, adjustment issues, stress-related disorders, etc.  Psychiatric nurses o Work in in-patient facilities o Duties include assisting clinical psychologists/psychiatrists  Counsellors o Work in colleges, specialize in providing services for problems in specific areas, like marital counselling, stress and coping, location counselling, etc. o All don’t need PhDs, can have bachelors or masters Insight Therapies: Psychoanalysis  Sigmund Freud and followers  Goal: discover unresolved unconscious conflicts  Person not aware that conflicts exist because they’re in his/her unconscious; stress- related problems because of c
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