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PSYC 1002
Caleb Lloyd

rd Psychology – April 3 SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY ‘How does the behaviour of others affect us? Conformity Ashes 3 Bar Experiment  Ashes conformity experiments – 37% of people conformed – 75% of the trials were gone along  With a partner the conforming goes down do 5%  When writing down answers, conformity drops by 2/3 as there’s no pressure to clash with the group  If someone breaks the mold the subject is given license per-se to pick the right answer Reasons of Conformity  Group Size – groups of 3-5 cause more compliance than 1-2 others, compliance levels off at 5  Unanimity – Dissent gives potential for independence The Original Bystanders  Research inspired by Kitty Genovese story th   March 13 1964, was attacked at 3AM outside apartment, paper said 38 of the neighbors woke up – maybe a dozen? But no one did anything Type of Situations  Smoke fills a waiting room – alarm goes off  Hearing health emergency in other room (seizure, fall, etc.)  Witness a robbery  Answer a doorbell help pick up something dropped, take a coupon for a free cheeseburger   In all of the above scenarios (56) where they were alone 75% of participants helped. In groups, 28%  37 studies: alone vs. with other participants – 50% of participants alone helped, 22% of people in groups helped The Bystander Effect – why are people callously passing by people in need?  Offers a concrete social reason for behavior vs. blaming individual “apathy”, “alienation”, etc.  Defies common sense that there is safety in numbers; social inhibition  Allows sympathetic picture of callousness: courses of action must be chosen quickly with limited information, poor reward/cost structures, all requiring non-conformity Decision Tree – Do you notice the event??  Is the event an emergency  Am I responsible to deal with it?  Do I have the skills/resources to act? (must say yes to all of them) Why Others Inhibit Helping  Embarrassment if situation was misinterpreted – more individuals = more embarrassment  Social Influence – we look to others to help us interpret an ambiguous situation  Diffus
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