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Carleton University
PSYC 1002
Caleb Lloyd

thPsychologyMarch 6 Who copes well with stressSome individuals appraise life as less stressfulview themselves in control emotionally stable evaluate themselves as capable and worthy When stress occursHardy individuals are less likely to experience it as stressIndividuals high in emotional stability less likely to experience negativeeffects of stress they experiencepeople who are emotionally stable do not experience stress in a nonemotionally stable way HardinessThis idea that stress exists but we can resist and effectively cope with itCommitment work family sports social etcprovides a sense of purpose allows reliance of social relationships during stress commitment to self is the core aspectControl can control what happens in their lifelack of controlstress encourages active coping strategiesChallenge they interpret different situations as challenges rather than threats theres an opportunity to grow hear vs threat encourages flexibility and adaptiveness3 CsHardy individuals less likely to experience negative health effects when they encounter stressful situations even when accounting for Big 5 personality traits SummaryIndividuals less likely to perceive a life event as threatening during primary appraisal are less likely to be impacted by stress COPING Types of copingProblem focused copinglooking at the problem seeking information making an action plan concentrating on the next step to manageresolveEmotion focused copingdisengaging from emotions caused by stressor seeking emotional support venting emotions Types of copingIf you have a good fit between the stressor and the nature of the stressor thats whats important
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