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PSYC 2009
Tamy Superle

Akey idea a psychotherapist will introduce into the therapy is the distinction between what is seen and observed, with what is hidden and unobserved (text, and subtext, the manifest and the latent, the surface of what you can see vs. underlying meaning) The analysts confronting the manifest content, the goal of the analyst is to scratch beneath the surface, get to the latent content that isn’t immediately apparent One concept is the dream (royal road to unconscious), the stuff of the dream that you will describe to the analysts, the manifest content, and they will help you figure out the latent part of the dream Freud regarded human behaviour as multi-layers, multiple potential meanings, Human isn’t just determined by all the wishes and urges, etc. , its ‘over determined’ The goal is to unravel all of these meanings and bring it to life Additional metaphor that is helpful to understanding, is to use the idea of a treaty or compromise between all the competing forces of how we want to behave Al of the structural components inside of us want to have some say of our behaviour, but they have to compromise to produce a behaviour, and Freud saw behaviour as a formation of compromised behaviour, (compromised and resolved) All behaviours consist of this, some behaviours show this in a unique form For e.g. slips of the tongue, parapraxies, you mean to say one thing but accidentally you say something else, this notion of a slip fro Freud were very revealing, the compromised between we want to say, unconsciously thinking or wanting with the things that were allowed to say(slips of the tongue are hiccups of the system, where the compromise is more obvious) Symptoms, heating forces of us which are let out a little at a time through symptoms Dreams, where we try to in disguised form, to allow ourselves to experience all the wishes and urges we cant experience in conscious life, the playground we allow ourselves is the dream, it represents a wish fulfillment, a kind of compromise, meaning of the dream must be disguised so our conscious is not aware Surface dream=manifest content based on latent material, somehow we manage to go from this latent behaviour to this manifest material that we remember in having How do we go about producing a dream, Freud thought about a process called dream works All sorts of processes, symbolic representation, things that concern us are abstract, don’t have picture attached to them, symbolic representation is when we take the abstract wishes and make them concrete, make them into pictures of things we can see Once we have an i
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