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Carleton University
PSYC 2301
Elizabeth Nisbet

January 17, 2012 Health Enhancing Behaviors: Health Psychology Health Enhancing Behaviours -delay onset of disease and such Exercise • • Diet • Disease screening • Sleep • And others..... Exercise • Aerobic exercise (activity that is intense and for a long duration) -delay onset of disease – sustained exercise – strengthens heart and lungs Some benefits Some more benefits January 17, 2012 Health Enhancing Behaviors: Health Psychology Exercise and well-being • Direct effects (we will feel happy if we exercise regularly) • Social Support (exercise with a friend, that person will motivate you) • Involvement • Self-efficacy (makes you feel strong, feel better about yourself) • Self-esteem (feel better about oneself) How much exercise? -150 min/week, mod-vig -5 days, 30 min -10 min, minimum Barriers What are some barriers to exercising? • -school, work, etc • How can barriers be removed? January 17, 2012 Health Enhancing Behaviors: Health Psychology – What resources are necessary for exercise? Who exercises? -exercising regularly needs to be common •Inactivity is more common in: – women than men – older than younger adults – lower compared to higher incomes – lower compared to higher education – Aboriginal versus non-Aboriginal Canadians Who exercises? • People who – are from families who exercise – view themselves as athletic – enjoy physical activities – have a positive attitude – have a sense of self-efficacy – have social support Cancer-Related Health Behaviours Screening is available for some cancers: – Breast cancer – Prostate cancer – Colorectal cancer -if you never went to get screened, that means that potentially by the time you get symptoms, it is too late to intervene -thyroid cancer is the fattest growing system in the body • What are the factors that are associated with getting screened or avoiding screening? -get diagnosed with cancer when it is too late -scared to get screened, rather not know -why bother going in if you feel like yourself Sun Safety Practices • Canada – 69 000 new cases of skin cancer each year – rates increasing since 1992 – malignant melanoma takes almost 900 lives each year Sun Safety Practices •What are some techniques that you could use to encourage sun safety practices? -encourage people •Why do you think these techniques would be effective? What did you eat today? • Take a moment to think about what you ate today.... – breakfast? – lunch? January 17, 2012 Health Enhancing Behaviors: Health Psychology – snacks? Healthy Diet • Recommended minimum of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables – 50% of Canadian adults – 3/10 children ages 4-8 Resistance * motivated by appearance – not health * long-term change is hard to maintain * recommendations can be restrictive, monotonous, expensive, hard to find * comfort foods * stress * mood Interventions • Individual interventions • Family interventions • Community interventions Overweight and Obesity Rates for Canadi
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