PSYC 2400 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Mitigating Factor, False Positive Rate, Ad Hominem

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Thursday, January 31, 2013
PSYC 2400 - Winter 2013
Lecture 8
Disorders of Deception: Malingering
- Disorders
- Malingering
- Why malinger?
- Research methods
Disorders of Deception
- Munchausen syndrome
o Symptoms (e.g., abdominal pain) are INTENTIONALLY produced
o Internal motivation to seek the role of patient (no external motivation)
o Feign illness (eg. Faking a seizure)
o Falsify lab results (eg. Adding blood or protein to urine sample)
o Exaggerate a medical problem (eg. Back pain)
o Aggravate an existing ailment (eg. Wound that won’t heal)
o Induce an actual illness (eg. Bacteria, ingest poison)
- Munchausen syndrome by proxy
o Make others ill so that they can take care of them
o Common in mothers, to poison or make their child sick just to get attention or freebies
o Children can sometimes die
- Very difficult to treat
- People are commonly depressed as well
- Somatoform disorder
o Symptoms are NOT INTENTIONAL
o No underlying organic cause to the symptoms
- Two types
o Somatization disorder: 8 or more symptoms
o Conversion disorder: numbness
Doesn’t make sense where they are numb
Glove anesthesia : numbness in the hands
Doctors know it’s a mental disorder since it’s impossible to only have numbness in
your hand
What is Malingering?
- Malingering:
o “intentional production of false or grossly exaggerated physical or psychological symptoms
o Motivation is an external goal
Fun Facts
- Someone with factitious or somatoform disorder will insist on medical tests whereas malingerers will avoid
medical tests
- The opposite of malingering is “defensiveness”
o Extreme minimization of physical and/or psychological symptoms
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