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Lecture 11

PSYC 2400E - Lecture 11 - Feb. 12, 2013.docx

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PSYC 2400
Julie Dempsey

Tuesday February 12 2013 PSYC 2400Winter 2013 Lecture 11Todays ClassChildrens recall abilitiesInterviewing Techniques with childrenCan children accurately identify suspects in a lineupChildren testifying in courtChild abuseRecall MemoryChildren recall fewer descriptors than adultsAge 6 to 71 descriptorAge 10 to 11221 descriptorsAdults 18 and older8 descriptorsMost likely report exterior items ie hairInterior features less frequent and more problematic ie shape of eyes lips etcMore difficulty with height weight and ageWhyKids dont have enough experience to know the difference As you get older you get better at identifying thingsChildren EyewitnessesChildren provide less detailed information but are as accurateSuggestibilityThe degree to which childrens testimony can be influencedChildren are more likely to be influenced by misleading informationRepeating questionsChildren asked the same question accuracy dropsChildren assume the person asking the question hasnt found the answer theyre looking for so they change their answerRapportChild is more likely to give incorrect information to misleadingsuggestive questions in warm supportive atmosphere by adultsThis is because the childwants to please their parentsFormat of questions matterChildren have a tendency to say yes to a yesorno questionChilds willingness to answer the questions doesnt mean they understand the questionSam Stone Study LeichtmanCici 19953 and 4 year olds vs 5 and 6 year oldsStranger came to visit daycare 2 minConditionsControl only 2 minutes seeing Sam StoneStereotype prior to event they were told about Sam Stone set up a stereotypesaying he was a nice guy but that he was clumsySuggestion post event asked the kids what they saw after asking them misleading information ie why he ripped up a bookor spilt milk on a teddy bearStereotypesuggestion pre and postevent
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