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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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PSYC 2400
Adelle Forth

Lecture 8: Guest (Disorders of Deception: Malingering) Thursday, January 27, 2011 - Julie Blais - 3 year Ph.D- research on psychopathy (how it’s used in the justice system- sentencing, biasing) - Took Dr. Forth’s Assessment course - Munchausen syndrome o Faked- pretending to have symptoms they don’t have/inducing symptoms themselves o Internal motivation—intentionally producing symptoms in order to achieve the patient role  Fake it  Falsify lab results (to prolong stay as patient)  Exaggerate medical problem  Aggravate existing ailment (manipulate stitches for cut)  Induce actual illness (consume poison/bacteria) o Munchausen by proxy—still wanting the attention, but inducing symptoms in someone else (mothers inducing symptoms in children)— really rare, chronic (hard to treat) o High co-morbidity with depression, usually seen in women—medication for depression, cognitive treatment - Somatoform disorders o Not intentional- actually believes he/she is suffering from ailment o No organic cause for symptoms o Symptom of psychological stress o Debilitating disease- affects their thoughts, lives o Types:  Conversion disorder: numbness in body that doesn’t make organic sense  Somatization disorder: 8 or more symptoms with no organic cause  Hypochondriasis: preoccupation with serious illness- take simple bodily things and exaggerate them (gastrointestinal problems=indigestion—thinks it’s bowel cancer)  Body dysmorphic disorder: think your body is deformed (could be part/general appearance)  Pain disorder: chronic pains (localized/general), causes stress, affects day-to-day lives. No organic cause, though it stems from real pain at some point- after healing, pain continues in their minds  Undifferentiated somatoform disorder: catch-all category o Glove anaesthesia—numbness in hands (not physically possible- nerve endings from back of neck, go all down arm)—but actually feels that numbness - **Question** o Which of the following is a factitious (artificial) disorder?  1. Conversion disorder  2. Glove anaesthesia  3. Munchausen syndrome
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